Feelings are what connect us to life and one another. To be able to feel is one of the extraordinary gifts of humanity. To neither suppress our feelings, or be caught by them, but to understand them, is the art.

-Jack Kornfield


I work with individuals, couples, and groups to address critical issues affecting their lives and happiness. My intention is to help my clients develop their own awareness in order to become proactive in their emotional wellness.

  • Jenn
    "My work with Michelle has changed my life in ways that are difficult to describe in words.  Michelle has a kind and gentle presence, yet she also pushed me, in all the necessary ways, to explore parts of myself that I would like to hide.  Both my individual and group experience with Michelle has helped me find the ability to be more conscious, explore my fears, remain open to possibility, and communicate my emotions and experiences in all areas of my life:  work, love, friendship and health.  I count myself lucky to be her long-term client."
    Human Resources Director
  • Brent and Katie
    Our couple’s therapy with Michelle has helped us develop a more close and trusting relationship. We have found Michelle to be compassionate, with a genuine commitment to helping us.  She is very approachable, listens without judgement, and has a great sense of humor!  You can tell that she enjoys her work, as is evident by the changes we have been able to make both as individuals and as a couple. We are in the process of building deeper intimacy into our relationship. Thru Michelle’s understanding and skillful approach, we are making good progress.   We feel fortunate to be working with Michelle. Her guidance has helped make changes which are truly enriching our relationship.
    Brent and Katie
    Software Engineers.
  • John
    "Michelle has helped me change my life. Her guidance, nuance and devotion have opened a completely new, more fulfilling and healthy outlook for me. I consider my work with Michelle to be one of the great fortunes of my life; she has helped me become a better man."
    Real Estate Developer
  • Lisa
    "My work with Michelle has been incredibly empowering. She helped me gain the courage to leave my job as a consultant to begin a full-time career in performing. She never pressured me to make choices-but allowed me the space to figure who I was and what I needed. Michelle provides a safe, yet challenging environment to understand my depression and help me manage and cope with my feelings. She has graciously and patiently helped me to accept myself."
    Improv Actress, Chicago
  • Frank
    "Michelle has helped me confront my feelings of unwarranted guilt and unnecessary anxiety and depression. I always feel very safe and comfortable in her care. I have improved my outlook and enjoyment of life with Michelle’s help."
    partner in Law Firm

Please contact me if you’d like to talk more about my approach, or how it can support your effort toward living a healthy, peaceful life.

Serving the areas of Chicago, IL and Denver and Boulder, CO.